Here at Hanover Dental PC we strive to always offer the latest and newest Technology to our patients 
  • We use only the best labs to ensure that our patients will be satisfied 
  • Our office is completely digital, and our systems can be accessed anywhere in the world.
  • We have a variety of specialist that we work closely with to ensure that we can solve any of your problems.

We have the latest in X-Ray Technology!
Relax an enjoy our new state of the art equipment!
"Take care of your patients like your own family members and they will take care of you" 

"My three kids and I have been patients at Hanover Dental for several years.  I've been very happy with the service here.  They are always on time and very accommodating.  I always am able to get convenient appointments.  They are very personable at this practice.  I'm very happy with this office overall.
-Maureen McAleer

"Glad that he could fix my tooth.  I am going to chemotherapy and lost some of my teeth.  I am going to get partials now and I never thought I would have a full set of teeth again.  
-Laura Coad

"This is the nicest Dentist office my husband and I have ever been to!  They truly care about the patient and pay attention to details!  Thank you!
-Graham & Sandra Branlund

"Wonderful care, kindness in a very professional environment with a warm ambiance.  I couldn't ask for a nicer dental center"
-Lynn Greene

"Thank you for the help that you gave to me today.  My upper teeth feel so much better with relining.  U.R.2 Good 2 B 4 Got 10!
-Rosemary Doherty

"I had such a wonderful experience!  The dentists explained exactly what they were doing as they were doing it, which was so reassuring!  They worked around my TMJ, which made the experience much more comfortable than usual.  I love this practice!
-Amy Norton

"How long has it been since you visited your dentist?  Or maybe some of you don't have a dentist you visit regularly.  Well I'd like to tell you about my dentist at Hanover Dental.  When I found Hanover Dental it was like finding a hidden jewel.   From the minute you walk in the door their friendly staff and comfortable atmosphere will make your feel right at home.  The knowledgeable receptionists will make becoming a new patient at Hanover Dental quick and easy.  The dentists at Hanover Dental are the best dentists I've ever had.  Their professional yet friendly and have never caused me pain at any visit I've had there.  I was fortunate enough to have Dr. V. do some fillings on my front teeth and I was so amazed with the work she did.  She truly has a unique talent when it comes to dentistry.  When she was done and handed me the small mirror, I took a look at the work she had done and I couldn't believe how beautiful my smile was.  To be able to repair my front teeth the way she did she truly has a special gift for dentistry. I'm so happy I've been smiling every since.  I've been a patient at Hanover Dental for about 10 years.  You'll never find me a different dental office, ever again.  So, do your teeth a favor and visit Hanover Dental for your next cleaning and tell them you'd also like a beautiful smile that you can always be confident about.  You'll be so Happy you did. 
-Angela Kelley